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Assignment #7: Self-Assessment/Reflective Essay
Raquel Rosy
Professor Tammy Finch
English Composition
November 26, 2010

This essay is intended to self-reflect on my writing. Writing the essay will help me point out my strengths, weaknesses, and give my personal opinion as to where I am in my writing. Also, I will have examined a peers essay and point out what I have noticed that they have done with their essay.

Pre-Writing/Invention Process The pre-writing/invention process I used for this essay was brainstorming. Brainstorming proved to be effective for the essay. This prewriting/invention process was effective because I found it quite easy to help me put all of my ideas and information I had gathered together and then eliminate which I wanted and did not want. Using this process help me learn that when doing and informative essay it is one of the best ways to ensure you gather as much information and have many options on what information to use when writing the essay. Next time, I will try to do more research and find different websites so that I have more references listed on my paper.
Writing Process My purpose for writing this essay was to inform people about child obesity. My targeted audience was parents, and I believe I fulfilled my responsibility by informing them about the different thing that can be done to prevent child obesity. My main point of my essay was that childhood obesity can be prevented to ensure children lead healthy lives. I want my audience to know after reading my essay that childhood obesity can be prevented by just making a few changes to their kids eating habits.
Peer Reviewing Process I reviewed my peer essay, her name is Samantha Bennett. In her essay I looked for information that was relevant to the topic, and the connections she made. I learned from reading her essay that Childhood Obesity is caused by many different factors. I must say that, I must use different sources in order to justify my research. My peers review made me think that I need to add different sources, meaning more than one, in my own essay.
Revising Process I revised my essay after each paragraph; I then make any corrections that I may think necessary. And at the end I then