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David Nyurenberg
Final Exam

Part 1- Press Release
For Immediate Release - 5/21/2014
Contact: David Nyurenberg
Tel. (456)564-8478
Cell: (465)473-4567
Email: Dnyurenberg@ yahoo.com
New York, NY- In an unprecedented move WeDoStuff the organization that galvanized millions of youth towards politcial and social action during the 2012 elections, and our nations most beloved department store Belcy’s with its over 100 year history have come together to make a difference. In recognition of the movement and the difference WeDoStuff was able to make during the 2012 elections, Belcy’s has decided to sponsor WeDoStuff in an effort to continue the wave of social change that they had started. With its dedicated and passionate national volunteer coalition of youth WeDoStuff hopes to tackle issues that our nation and communities are facing today. A formal press conference to announce the partnership will be held on Monday May 26,
2014 at Belcy’s world famous original location in Herald Square New York at noon. In attendance will be WeDoStuff President Hal Dawson and Belcy’s CEO Ted Carter.
The youth of today are facing the prospect of growing up in a world with a plethora of issues such as global warming, economic recession, war, and violence. “My generation never had to deal with the problems that our children are growing up with. There was never any fear about what tomorrow would bring. In 2012 the nation and I saw firsthand the difference a vision and a dedicated and driven force of volunteers can make in altering the political landscape. Now I believe we can channel that same energy and completely change the direction in which the world around us is heading, and thanks to Belcy’s we now have the support necessary to start this new undertaking” said WeDoStuff President Hal Dawson in a statement issued today. In the coming months WeDoStuff hopes to attract more of what it calls their “Social Change Members” or as
Hal Dawson likes to call them his “Social Action Soldiers” to the cause and reignite the phenomenon that it started in 2012. The goal is to add another one million members who through volunteering in their communities are dedicated to making positive change.
In its 120 year history Belcy’s has strived not only to offer the latest and hottest clothing in the fashion world at the lowest prices, but also to support the local communities where they are based in. Belcy’s CEO Ted Carter when asked about the alliance was quoted as saying “This new partnership with WeDoStuff allows Belcy’s to make a larger impact on a much greater scale. In 2012 when I saw what WeDoStuff did in