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The book “Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James,” is the first book of its kind to reach popular culture. Although there are a lot of stimulating fiction novels that exist, one has to ask what was it that caused this series to hit top-seller all around the world and turn out to be a sensational hit? Many people in the world and critics claim to say that the book was incompetently written and is a literary disaster, however it’s fame, success, and popularity cannot be overlooked. With the media calling the trilogy “Mommy porn” and feminists arguing it’s negative repercussions in regards to male dominance and female subordination, E.L. James has caused quite the controversy with this series. I found this trilogy appealing because aside from all the negativity and positivity I heard from it, I wanted to see for myself what was the fuss about this book. When I first started to read the trilogy almost two years ago, I remember saying to myself that this book was going to be a about a sappy love story like Nicholas Sparks. After reading a couple of pages, I knew that this book was nothing like a Nicholas Sparks novel. Aside from all the uncensored sex scenes, it has it’s similarities. I noted that this trilogy was written in first person narration from the view of the protagonist. Anastasia Steele whom is the protagonist, is an innocent, beautiful, smart, young woman fresh out of college. Her sexual experience is non-existent, particularly in comparison with the sex crazed,