You Are Hired As A General Manager For A Small Hotel-150 Rooms

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Written Assignment #1
Prompt: Let's assume you are hired as a General Manager for a small hotel - 150 rooms. Using concepts we have studied in Chapters 1 - 6 and discussions attached to this course, provide me 3 - 5 legal concerns that you might have to address as the new General Manager. Each topic should have at least a paragraph explaining what the concern is and how the law applies to it, why you chose it and what you intend to do to address the potential problem. If I were hired as a General Manager for a small hotel there are a few things that I would want to make sure I did right away. Safety of the guests would be my first priority. Therefore I would hire an inspector to make sure the foundation and the building itself were in good condition and no work needed to be done. This would go for not only the building structure, but the individual rooms as well. As my duty owed to my guests, they deserve to stay in a safe environment. Cracks in the walls and ceilings will all be fixed and any damage to the floor will be fixed as well. Screens in the windows will be replaced if needed and any cracked windows will be fixed as well. I do not want any parts of the ceiling falling on my guests. In addition to doing the inspection for safety, this process will also enhance the look of the hotel as well. Fixing cracks and imperfections will only enhance the quality of the hotel. If a guest was to get injured by any imperfections to the building, and they were able to prove it, the hotel would be liable for negligence and that could lead to a lawsuit. The next thing I would do is inspect all the furniture. All the furniture in the bedrooms, lobby, eating dining room, kitchen ect. will be thoroughly expected. The chairs will be checked for tares and worn down areas and will be fixed if they can be and if not fixed then they will be replaced. The beds will be checked for stains and bugs and if there are stains the mattresses will be replaced and if there are bugs a terminator will be hired to take care of the entire building. If someone falls of a faulty chair and gets injured they can sue the hotel. If there are bugs in the bed and someone gets bitten by them badly and has to go to the doctor, then the hotel can be sued. I would choose to do this because the invitees deserve to have a pleasant experience and not worry about whether or not it is safe to sleep in the beds. The physical appearance of the furniture will also enhance or diminish the look of the hotel. The next thing I would do as a new General Manager is make sure there is a sufficient amount of staff available at the hotel. My biggest concern is to make sure there is enough maintenance staff. Therefore, if there is a spill on the floor or an overflow of garbage in the garbage can, someone will be there to clean the potential hazard to the invitee. This is important to me because having people there to