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For my IBL I decided to look at the photography and life of Lewis Hine. Lewis Hine was born in Wisconsin in 1874 and attended the University of Chicago in 1900 where he studied particularly in childhood education. After college he was hired as a teacher and for field trips he would take his kids to poverty stricken streets and he would document the poverty. The National Child Labor Committee hired him in 1908 where he began to take thousands of pictures of child labor. His works proved effective because a movement began to set laws on child labor. His photography was a campaign to end child labor. When I look at his photography it makes me shutter at how some of these children were treated. Some of the kids working are tiny and are doing really difficult tasks. In all of his pictures the kids are wearing dirty and ripped clothing, which shows the arduous work they had to do. At this time in history it was hard to get news around compared to today wear we just have to press a button and the fact that Lewis Hines photography started a movement that ultimately ended the child hood labor as it was is incredible and shows how powerful his works were. Today’s society seems so different and I am thankful for that. You hardly ever see children working full time as children did back then. Education is the key to success in the world in which we live in today and thinking about those children pictured makes me sad because they never got a proper education due to their work