Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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A. Hook – (Scenario) it was a Friday morning, in the wonderful state of Colorado. I was laying down next to my husband. We had decided to go into the city until, the news come up with dead subjects attacking the living. My husband went down stairs to make food and all of a sudden I heard a big loud crashing noise coming down from the living room. I shut closed my door and locked it until I had realized zombies had attacked my home and my husband. I quickly grabbed my car keys, escaped through my window and had taken a quick moment to see all of our neighbors were being attacked, eaten, and defending their loved ones against zombies…

B. Topic – What is a zombie? What is a zombie apocalypse? Let me tell you something about what are the zombies and what is a zombie apocalypse. If we refer to zombies, we mean the classical zombie. Classical zombies undergo a biological change, such as infection, as living humans. They then die, usually from the high fever associated with infection. After death, the body metamorphosizes into a zombie and the corpse re-animates. The zombie has a desire to consume the human flesh. Now what is a zombie apocalypse? A zombie apocalypse, a widespread rise of zombies hostile to human life engages in a general assault on civilization. In some mythologies, victims of zombies may become zombies themselves if they are bitten by zombies; everyone who dies, whatever the cause, becomes one of the…