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Will Stegall
Mr. Lucas
English 101
10 December 2012

Praise the Lord
There are many different ways a person could distinguish a Christian University. To some people, a Christian school could be defined as a number of different denominations coming together to praise God. In other people’s point of view, it could be classified as one single religion studying and learning scripture from the Bible. However, to me a Christian University is mainly focused on spreading the word of God and helping to better students walk with Christ through campus ministries, organizations, and clubs.
Being enrolled in a Christian University, there are many expectations that students are to uphold and many values to possess. Coming to Mississippi College or any christian college should be an experience with Christ and a chance to better oneself with the Lord. Personally, my expectation of being part of a christian college is for certain things to be taught and expressed to me. Christian values are very important in my life but are not always easily explained. Many people think that if they just believe in Christ, then they will be considered a christian but there is way more to being a christian than just believing in Christ. A true christian will live his life by the Bible and put all his faith in the Lord. Christian universities are a place where students can go not only to get an education but to also learn how to dive deeper into the word and how to live a more christian life by bettering themselves and setting examples for others.
Coming to Mississippi College was a decision that came very easily for me. Apart from the beautiful campus at MC, I really enjoyed the background of the school. Here at Mississippi College we not only have a school, but an organization to teach and endure the word of God into each and every one of the students enrolled here. Mississippi College has great and powerful Christian values and morals that really make the school a more enjoyable place as well as a place that I can better myself as christian.
A Christian University should have many objectives to teach students that enroll into the school. The most important thing to teach the students is ways of expanding the their knowledge of scripture. Having classes associated with teaching students the word of God is involved with in most colleges being classified as a Christian University. A Christian college is usually known for their students that are planning to progress and be a part of a ministry or religious organization. However, that is not always the case. Many christian colleges, such as Mississippi College, have a huge number of different professions that they are known for. No matter what the school is known for, a Christian University should be committed to the teachings of God so that he will be expressed through each and every person who graduates from that school.
Another objective of a Christian University should be promoting and teaching their students the values of Christian morals. Although many students who attend christian schools come from a home where they are exposed to religion at a young age, some people grow up and never hear of the Bible. In such a situation, a student can be enrolled into a christian university and learn about Christ. The institution would therefore be helping that person or persons grow in many different ways. They would grow academically, but more importantly they would grow spiritually. They will take many classes and be asked to join a many number of different organizations involving the Bible. That person would be taught the whole Bible and more. He or she will be more involved with Christ through their classes and organizations.
One of the organizations MC has to offer is the Baptist Student Union. The BSU organization tries to attract almost every student we have here at Mississippi College to join the club and be a follower of Christ. BSU is an organization that calls for all Christians to try to make a