A Description of Social Work Essay

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Self Evaluation Most people think that social work is similar to charity or contribution but strictly speaking it is not. Of course charity and contribution is important part in social work but it’s not whole part of social work. Charity and contribution is meaning about social work in narrow sense. Let’s assume some situation. If you meet a beggar on the street, what can you do for him/her? Maybe, you would contribute some money or something that can help him. In fact, this action is just small part of social work. Social work’s meaning is not just giving something. If poor person get helped continually, there’s probability of doing nothing for their self independence life. So, Helping them to take ability of self independence is more important than charity or contribution. Real purpose of social work is make them to have authority to live humanly and social worker guide how to do and what to do. Sometimes social worker need to make organization for networking between human resources and material resources. The reason why I studied this major is to understand human behavior and thoughts. Most people could wonder why this man applied for this position. Then I can say this age’s not just for development. Blending in human resources and material resources is very important in this age. We meet person everyday for some kinds of purpose. When we meet someone, we must listen carefully and feel sympathy. Then, it will be able to communicate each other. That’s the way of the art of winning people to my side. This is very important matter when we live includes all the sales marketing and social intercourse. What led to my Interest in Social Work? Upon beginning my journey back to school I explored a couple of curriculums trying to decide which would be the best fit for my personality. Finally, I assessed the situation, and I knew I wanted to do something rewarding. At the peak of preparing my acceptance papers for the Heath Science major. I began to research the social work profession. The social worker at the non-profit where I volunteered would always say, “You would make a great social worker”. I admire all that she does for our families. When I call her she is there…