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The preamble exists to explain the reasons for the creation of the new government. It is the first part of the constitution. The preamble can be broken down into six pieces:
Form a more perfect union
Establish Justice
Insure domestic tranquility
Provide for the common defence
Promote for the general welfare
Secure the blessings of liberty
The purpose that is first mentioned in the preamble is “to form a more perfect union”. The reason for the creation of the purpose is so that there is a better union than before which will strengthen unity in the nation and to strengthen areas in the government that were causing political and economic problems. Firstly, The Religion Clause which states that everyone is free to practise their own religion and no law will be made to prohibit the practise of a religion. This clause ensures that the purpose is achieved as it can help start tolerance to other religions and end racism towards others of different ethnicities who practise the said religion. The purpose is being fulfilled today as tolerance to different religions is visible which helps unite all people regardless of their race or religion. Moreover, a union is seen as people are united as Americans instead of being placed in categories of Muslim or Christian. Secondly, the Basket clause which states that there will only be one system of laws for the nation which will be determined by the federal court. This clause ensures that the purpose of a “more perfect union” is achieved as there will only be one system of law and not different systems in every state. A variety of systems each for different states will not show a perfect union. The purpose is fulfilled today as the federal court decides the system of law. In conclusion, what our founding fathers wanted accomplished in the point “Form a more perfect union” is being fulfilled today with the religion clause and the basket clause.
The second purpose that is mentioned is “Establish Justice”. The reason for its creation is to promote the fact that everyone is equal in the law and the law is the same for everyone regardless of Race, religion, gender and so on. Firstly, the Citizenship Clause which states that all American citizens are to be judged equally and that no state shall curtail the rights of a citizen or deprive them of freedom, property or life without going through the necessary process of law. This clause ensures that fair treatment is given to every citizen and that the statuary government cannot unlawfully convict someone of a crime or take possession of the citizens’ property without going through a proper law process. This purpose is practised today as all citizens are given equal rights not deferring on class or wealth. Secondly, the Women’s Suffrage Amendment states that every US citizen is entitled to voting regardless of Gender and the government establishes justice by giving Women the right to vote. An example of “establishing justice” in the present is fair treatment of everyone and equal voting privileges for all genders. In conclusion, the American government has provided and established justice in a good manner as shown by the Citizenship clause and the Suffrage Amendment.
The third purpose is to “ensure domestic tranquility”. The reason the founding fathers created this statement is so that the constitution will have laws that help the country not fall into turmoil and so that every citizen feels secure. Firstly, the Guarantee Clause which states that the statuary government will get protection from the federal government in case of domestic violence and promises a republican form of government for every state. This helps “ensure domestic tranquility” as this provision guarantees security and the help of the federal in time of need. Todays’ example of how the government is ensuring domestic tranquility is when the statuary government of California sent its police force to stop the rioting in the 2009 California university college tuition hike protests.