Essay about A Great Way to Care and Goats

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Dear Agricultural Division of Kiribati
On behalf of my village I would like to ask you, Agricultural Division of Kiribati to help me fund our village by sending us goats, currently on our island our habitation is being destroyed by weeds and other plants which destroys our environment and preventing us to farm more plants so we can sell and gain a profit, which is desperately in need due to us being in poverty. The way that we are continuing now, my people will begin having depression because we can’t prosper due to the delicate situation forces us to not be able to gain much money from the things we are selling now.
We would like a couple of goats to help us because, the goats will be able to eat away all our weeds which will prevent more weeds from growing thus allowing more land to farm on and more income on money, the goats will also help us form more jobs for everyone, because we need people to look after the goats. With the goats you sent us we can also use the by-products and sell them to other countries bringing in more income for us, and would create even more chances to help motivate our villagers and help them overcome the depression we are currently in. The way we are now, is really concerning me because whatever we do we are getting nowhere, so we really need your help, we will make sure to build fences to contain the goats from running amok and eating everything and causing havoc.
Even though the other villages on this island may be jealous we will share some of our by-products with them