Essay on A Just And Lasting Peace

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Nicole Dunbar
Mrs. Hayes
English II
22 April 2014
A Just and Lasting Peace In the speech “A Just and Lasting Peace” by President Barrack Obama, Obama explains that he does not enjoy entering war, however it is essential for a successful future. Obama confronts that entering war can harm the U.S nation. Not only by investing billions of dollars for new machinery and technology, it also harms American families. Many American families know or have a family member enlisted in the armed forces. These families do realize the sacrifice they are giving to their country; they know it is for a good cause. Obama courageously states, “We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth that we will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetime” (pg.4.13.70-71). Obama understands about these hard happenings that take place during war such as being wounded or even dying, but there is no other way of putting an end to violence. Obama also becomes conscious of the idea of “Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones” ( Violence is a part of human nature, but there are times war is unnecessary. Although war is harmful to any nation and to mankind, it is required for a prosperous future. War in the modern world is very common, however there are reasons behind these battles. For example: “A non-violent movement could have not have halted Hitler’s armies” (pg.5.15.81-82).