A Message to Remember Essay

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A Message to Remember I believe your life is your message to the world. If you’re going to live it, make it worthwhile; make it a message worth hearing. Every moment you spend worrying about how you look or what people think or how your life will pan out; that’s a moment of your life wasted. Most people don’t see the true value of life when it is most important. People need to learn to spend their lives doing things they love with people they love, not doing things that they think will benefit them in the future. Any day could be your last, so why put everything into planning for the future when all of that effort could be wasted? Everyone dreams of a happy life. A few years ago, that’s all I ever wanted. I, like many others, was looking for nothing more than to be happy, and at the time, being happy meant I had to be someone that I know I wasn’t. I’ve made poor decisions in my life, some decisions that almost cost me everything I have. Society’s view of the perfect girl made everyone who didn’t have a perfect face or a stunning body seem inadequate. I acknowledged this and soon turned into that girl that nobody really wanted to be around, I was that girl who hated mirrors because all they were to me was reminders of everything I hated about myself. I spent a great deal of my time changing my hair, starving myself, doing terrible things to myself because all I could think was how much I hated myself and who I was. I saw this image of me that was completely different than what everyone else saw. I worried way too much about my how others saw me that I quickly started to notice that I really didn’t have friends, I was going days on end without talking to anyone but my family. I was far from happy. I soon slipped into a depression that has haunted me for over four years. In this time, I did little more than spend days in my