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The foreign film that I decided to watch and explore was Spanish film titled Mar Adentro, which mean means The Sea Inside. Javier Bardem plays as Ramon Sampedro, a young man who became was involved in a horrible diving accident. He drove into too shallow of water and nearly drown to death. He survived, but became paralyzed from the neck down. The life he once knew completely changed. He could no longer do the simple things such as eat, shower, and go to the bathroom without assistance.
One of the main themes in this movie is family. The families in this movie were all very close. The man who was paralyzed needed help with everyday task, and he always needed a family member with him. After realizing that his life that he once knew will never go back to being the same, Ramon becomes very depressed. He believes that his depression is also bringing others down and really wants to be put under to end his life. This brings up a lot of moral issues, which are present throughout this film. The best question is should Ramon have the right to die because he is paralyzed. Another issue is should the family respect his decision out of love, or should they keep him alive even though is he in misery. Another theme throughout the movie is the right to freedom. Ramon believes that it his life and he should have the freedom to end it if he wants to. Others believe that his life is worth living, even though he is stuck in a bed or in a wheel chair all-day and everyday. Although he is miserable, he still reaches out and touching many people in his life. So many people love him and don’t want him to go…