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A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The second amendment to the United States Constitution is one that couldn’t be clearer. Despite the fact of the obvious language of the 2nd amendment the right for American citizens to bear arms is being taken away one “gun control” law at a time. Our forefathers built this country by the use of weapons to break free from the British power. Owning and using weapons is embedded into our culture and something that shouldn’t be taken away. Letting citizens have the power to bear arms is what makes this country great compared to countries that don’t let their citizens bear arms like that of China. The proliferation of gun control laws is unconstitutional, hurting our culture and hindering citizens’ self-defense.

The roots of gun control run deep. The first law trying to ban handguns was passed in 1837 but was then ruled unconstitutional. In 1865 the “black codes” were adopted, these laws kept African Americans from owning guns or any sort of “weapon”. The purpose of these laws was to install fear in African Americans and keep them from having any power. In 1871 the National Rifle Association (NRA) was created. This organizations original purpose was to increase citizen’s marksmanship in preparation for war. Now it has blossomed into a wide spreading organization that fights for gun rights and also provides firearm safety and training. The National Firearms Act of 1934 was passed and was one of the first major gun control laws. This act is regulated on class 3 weapons such as fully automatic weapons. This started a high tax on firearm transactions and firearm registration. There has been a proliferation of gun control laws the past few decades and now there are around 20,000 different laws regulating on American citizen’s right to bear arms! How many more laws will suffice? These laws keep growing and there is currently a bill in the Washington State Senate to start a ban on “assault rifles”. These new bills keep suppressing the rights of American citizens.
America is a gun owning nation. It is deeply embedded into our culture. Throughout the United States there are thousands of gun clubs that keep this culture alive. Gun ownership is passed through families and is a bond that keeps some families together. The proliferation of gun control laws is slowly deteriorating this culture. Only 40 states grant citizens the right to have concealed weapon permits. These permits grant citizens that ability to carry firearms on their person. To get a concealed weapons permit you are put through a background check and a firearms safety test. Citizens that have acquired a concealed weapons permit are law abiding citizens. Why not let these citizens carry guns, they are a helpful instrument in crime prevention. Many firearm laws put restrictions on what type of guns can be bought and sold. In 1994 President Clinton signed in a bill that put a ban on civilian ownership of assault weapons, it was called the Clinton Gun Ban. This bill restricted the sale of 19 types of assault weapons. Only eight people between 1997 and 1998 were prosecuted for violating the assault weapons ban showing how unnecessary it was. In 2004 this bill expired and has yet to be reenacted. Because of this, many state governments are passing laws that outlaw assault rifles in their own state such as California has. These bills go beyond what is reasonable and work to ban as many weapons as possible; causing many law abiding citizens to become possible felons. These bills also put a stop to family tradition by halting the buying of new firearms. If there has been an assault rifle passed down in a family, it can no longer be passed down. It has to be dismantled or turned into local law enforcement. This also hinders the ability to train using these firearms. Continuing the addition of more gun control laws will make this culture