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Mrs. Hrycelak and Mrs. Daly
Eastern Studies

Impact of Traditional Foods in India
I. Introduction India is known to be one of the most diverse and oldest countries in the world. The Indian society is structured around there many different customs and traditions. One of these customs and traditions is the preparation of food. There are five regions in India, North India, West India, North-East India, and South India. India is quite different from other countries because of the variety of unique cooking methods, cultural influences, and regional diversity. Each of these different regions partakes in their own styles of cooking which makes food in India more sensational and captivating.
II. India use of different cooking methods exemplify how unique and important their culture is to the people.
A. Their food has a great combination of sweet, salty, spicy, hot, and creamy flavors, such as the famous Indian Cuisine. Which is usually dry roasted to intensify the spicy flavor.
B. Meat is never used as a centerpiece of a meal in India, instead they use vegetables because many people are known to be Vegetarians.
III. The two most important cultures contributed to the India’s style of cooking were the Hindu and Muslim culture, and also by the many invasions that occurred in India over time.
A. The new religion brought about their own culinary practices.
B. These invasions set up an impact on India causing each region to have their own distinct cuisines.
IV. India…