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I have a Dream
By: Kelsey Kaiser I have a dream that one day everyone will have enough to keep them full and no one will go to bed hungry. One day there will be enough food for everyone and enough programs to help the starving that even homeless and poor people will have enough food. This would help people have better lives because overcoming hunger is like getting over a giant wall in your way. It’s one less problem to have to worry about. One day people who live in poverty won’t be starving. When we think of starvation our minds automatically think Africa but really this problem is in our own states maybe right outside our doors and we just don’t realize it. Kids in our own city who suffer now will be helped and so will people all over our country, all over the world. Right now we can take small steps to help out just by donating small amounts. Even if you only help on idol gives back night(one night a year on American idol where all the money they gain from your votes and donations goes to help causes in Africa). This may only happen once a year but it’s enough to raise millions of dollars. Think if we all pitched in a little more often of how much we could raise. Of how much better we could make our world. Giving a small amount is saving lives. There are people living in dirt huts with their mom and 14 siblings and have nothing to eat. Their stomachs are retching, rumbling, and roaring for food. They may get a small portion of rice once a day if their lucky.