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Assignment Title: Assignment 1: Animation Basics

Assessor name
Britta Campe
Date issued
23 Mar 2015
Final hand in date
24 Apr 2015
Assessment date
15 May 2015

Internal Verifier name

Course and level
BTEC Level 3 - 90 Credit ext. diploma in IT

Unit number & title
Unit 31 – Computer Animation

Learning aims / outcomes /criteria
LO1 – Understand he types and uses of animation

Duration (approx)
10 hours

Vocational Scenario:
You are a student on work experience in a multimedia firm and your line manager has asked you to create a report in which you should explain types and uses of animation as well as the software available to create various animations.

What will I do?

Task 1:
Explain the different types of animation:
Please take a screen print of a sample animation for each type from within Flash to aid your understanding.

Task 2:
Explain in detail what persistence of vision is.
Give some examples you know including screen prints to help explain this.

Task 3:
Explain the different uses of animation describing with examples (you can provide links to websites):
Creative arts

Task 4:
Animation formats:
a) Discuss advantages and limitations of animated gifs. You could create a table for this task.(P3)
b) Compare the different animation formats: dynamic html, flash, quicktime, realplayer

Task 5:

Describe 6 of the following software tools available for animation: frames layers controls tweening buttons libraries symbols integrating other media preloaders scripts

Purpose of this assignment:
What will I learn?

The purpose of this assignment is to: demonstrate an understanding of the types and uses of animation and software available to create them.

Assignment Schedule:
How will I manage my assignment?
Week 1
A student friendly scheme of work