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Asher Roth’s song “I Love College” is a song that is not only describing the artists’ love for college, but also is describing the amount of alcohol and drug use in college. In the video, the college life is seen as a big party scene with drinking, drugs, and sex. The music video never shows what goes on in the academic aspect of college. It makes college seem like it is all fun and no work, which is why the audience for this music video and song is mainly students who are about to go off to college for the first time. Roth is very straightforward about the life of a college student, which may make students who are about to be in college look forward to the college life. When people listen to this song they might think of the typical college student, which is exactly what Asher Roth wanted people to think of. He wanted listeners to be able to connect college with a good time, rather than education and school.
Roth uses pathos by his choice of words in the song. For example, “drinking,” “getting fucked up,” “girls,” “sex,” “naked,” and “beer pong” are all used to describe a certain group of college students having a good time. He also uses words that appeal to those who are not as big of partiers as some students, like “nothing wrong with some fun,” saying that all the words before are all ways to have a good time. The catchy beat that is in the background will also catch the listener’s attention and make them start singing along. The lyrics become easy to remember once listening to the song a couple of times. The beat is easy to dance to, which makes people want to dance and have a good time. In the video, the college students that are smiling, laughing, and having fun all complete the connection that students have a lot of fun in college when they are all partying. It continues to make this connection when saying that this is what happens every day at college.
Roth uses ethos to appeal to his audience when he shows mainly fraternity boys in the video. Fraternity boys are well known amongst high school and college students. Rather than using the typical college students, he used people that are well known and popular amongst a lot of people. Roth himself also can be thought of as a college student trying to get his degree. His look relates to other college students and even high school students. So when the audience sees Roth having a good time, they may connect even more since a lot of people admire him. Also, the artist also uses ethos when he used Weezer’s song “Say It Ain’t So” as his sampled track. This means that he used the beat from the song “Say It Ain’t So” as his beat and just changed a couple of things, but they still sound alike. The two songs are very similar and many people enjoy Weezer’s song, so Roth may also appeal to those who like Weezer’s song “Say It Ain’t So.” Logos is not completely used in the lyrics, but the visual aspect in the music video mixed with the music and lyrics, displays a logical connection that if students in college party and have fun like the college students in the video, college will be a fun experience that they would never want to leave.
With all three of the methods of persuasion used, the song can really come across as a catchy song for teenagers to listen to. The more they listen to it, the more they think college will be really fun and exciting every day. Roth even says in the song “Pass out at three wake up at ten, go out to eat then do it again,” which explains what he does every day as a college student.
The author connects with his audience by contributing to the typical college stereotype that has always been popular. In this song, he connects with high school students because he is displaying what they might want to experience when they go off to college. This catchy song would appeal to those who are ready to have fun in college. This music video makes college seem like it really is the best time of one’s life, which is why many people who watch it are people