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In the 1500’s the housing in England was very poor to our standards. Houses had thatched roofs and dirt floors. Because of the houses having thatched roofs, it posed a real problem because things could fall through the roof and because of that, it caused reason for the canopy bed. The canopy bed is a bed with high polls and a sheet draped across it. Some wealthy people has slate floors, but it was very uncommon to find it in the house of an average person. Most people only had one bath a year and was around may and if there was more than one person living in the house the water would be used more than once. In the kitchen there was usually just one pot, which hung above a fire and they would use to cook their food in. Most people were extremely lucky to get meat so there would be mainly vegetables in the pot and they would continuously stew the same vegetable until they were all gone or the became impossible to eat. Most people would eat out of trenchers. A trencher is usually a piece of wood or stale bread which had the middle scooped out of it. People would not wash the trenches and use them over a long period of time. After a while trenches would tend to become mouldy and have worms coming out of them. Lead cups were used to drink ale or whiskey out of and majority of the time people would be knocked out for a couple of days. People would find them and usually prepare them for burial. Family members would gather around and eat dinner and wait for them to wake up. This is…