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Assessment events 2 – Client case study

Holly’s Case Study

1. Using two theorists, what stages of the lifespan development are evident in this scenario? Please consider Holly, Joel, Connie, her parents and brother Jack.

Young adulthood (19-40 years)

Holly is currently in the early adulthood life span stage; during this stage Erikson believes that the basic conflict is Intimacy vs. Isolation. Erickson has stated that during this developmental lifespan “Young adults need to form intimate, loving relationships with other people. Success leads to strong relationships, while failure results in loneliness an a weak sense of self.” (Erikson, class hand out) Given Holly’s history it is evident that this life stage will be a
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Joel appears angry, grunts, cannot hold eye contact and presents with quiet anti social behaviour, I would ask Holly if this was normal behaviour for Joel. If Holly’s discloses ‘yes’ then further investigation would have to be conducted. I would refer Holly to a Paediatrician, the Family Centre and look in to play groups so that Joel can learn how to interact with other children his age.
The family home could potentially be raided for drugs.
Living in a volatile house filled with continual mental, verbal and physical abuse is not healthy for Holly’s children they are both at highly important developmental stages that must be met.
As Holly’s caseworker I would look into a women’s refuge. Being surrounded by domestic violence at this stage in life can have major impacts on her children. Sleep deprivation in such living conditions would also be evident.
AVO and DVO for all family members to protect family from Jack - mandatory reporting of Jack.

4. Identify at least five questions you could ask Holly and her children to gain a further understanding of their developmental status. b) What tools/strategies would you use to engage the children to help understand their developmental status?

A) I would ask Holly the following questions in order to gain a better understanding of her and her family’s developmental status.

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