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Unit Title: Rooms Division Operations

Assignment Title: Assignment 1 – Rooms Division Services


Increasing the rate of room occupancy is the main target of hotel organizations. Hotel organizations also looks at the achieving customer satisfaction and finally get high profit margine. To get high level of customer satisfaction every department of hotel organization are very important. The internal communications in between departments needs to be very clear. Front office department plays an important rule for this communication. For the success of hotel organizations, front office departments need to achieve communication with others departments. Besides hotel
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apart from the hotel related organizations ,there are other organizations like learning institutions offer accommodation and front office services as well. For example, most of the colleges and universities in UK offer accommodation information of hostels. Booking, administration and communication services are provided by accommodation department of these institutions, on the other hand front office services include cashiers, enquiries, and room allocation services.

1.4 Front office services in different organization:

Front office is one of the departments within the room division. within the different departments of hotel, guest first contact with front office, Front desk, cashier, mail and information sections of the front office are located in the busiest area of the hotel's lobby. The most visible point of activity in within the front office is front desk. Front desk manager help guest to register, assign and check out at the front desk. Front office services in accommodation providing establishment are given below.

* sell guestroom: As majority of the hotel revenue comes from selling room, the core task of front office department is to sell guest room as many as possible.
*Register guest and design guest room:

When a guest comes to any hotel, first task of front office manager is to register guest. During registration process, front desk manager should ask for some