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Summary of Safety 24/7
The book Safety 24/7 was a book basically about safety in an industrial workplace. The book explained many safety tips to improve a safe working environment. There were a few main characters in this book that were very easily to understand their purpose in the story. The first character that appeared in this story is Kurt Bradshaw. He was promoted to the manager of worldwide safety. His great leadership skills and motivational techniques had put him in this new position. Kurt was very excited for the job and ready for it, but he was not too familiar about any safety tasks that could improve the workplace.
Kurt was so excited about the promotion that he would call John Sullivan and tell him the great news.
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The part that stood out to me was the SAFETY acronym which was on pg. 75. The S was the supporting safety as a main goal to commit into having a life more important than any other demand. The A is for being accountable, giving employees the responsibility to support safety procedures and be rewarded for them. The F is a follow-up showing that safety is being demonstrated and committed to. The E is elevating, which are employees would support a new culture that prevents them from any type of at-risk behaviors. The T stands for training employees to observe at-risk behaviors and talk with them about Safety 24/7. Lastly the Y is you, which is meaning that everyone is the solution to an incident-free environment.

The purpose for Gregory M. Anderson and Robert L. Lorber to write this book was basically to improve the safety culture. Most or all industries should have a culture of safety no matter what circumstances, so employees can take initiative into working safely. In order to have a culture of safety, employees will need to be responsible to being committed to safety at all levels of the workplace. Another purpose about the book was a few steps into improving the culture of safety. The first idea was to determine your needs. In this idea, it is very difficult to determine what critical issues are so you would want to focus on the major points in safety. The next idea would