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The 1st Amendment is the right that gives us the voice or choice to speak. It gives us the right to display our opinion and emotion without being prosecuted. The 1st Amendment was made in effect of the Intolerable & Coercive Acts in revolutionary time. But over the years certain rules have come into play. Freedom of speech can be somewhat taken away if you are on public ground speaking without a permit. This right can also be somewhat banned if it is void of political, educational and /or artistic content. A prediction I have made is that religion will later be added to the list of subjects that you are able to speak publicly about without a permit because it seems that this is one thing all humans speak and have some sort of conflict with.
The 5th Amendment is the amendment which protects us from becoming a witness against ourselves. This amendment also reassures that we will not be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law, nor can private property be seized for public use (trial) without a warrant, neither can we be arrested without indictment and another warrant. Lastly, we cannot be tried for the same offense twice. The 5th Amendment was written because of the Sugar Act. Also Miranda Rights are a close cousin to this amendment because if a suspect or criminal is not Mirandize, read his or her rights, the case is not admissible, also this how the 5th Amendment has been somewhat altered. Also now you can be tried twice but not…