21st Century and Dad Essay

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Comparison and Contrast Essay
The life of my dad now and when he was a teenager 40 years ago is very different when compared to my life because we have different childhoods, experienced different activities, and currently have different main focuses in life. My dad is fifty nine years old. He grew up in the 1970s, and has lived a difothers, when we have sports. He either goes to watch our games or takes us to our practices. He is the reason my brothers and I know how to play soccer.
The first major difference between me and my dad is that we both lived different childhoods. He grew up in the 1970s, while I’m growing up in the early 21st century. When he was growing up he didn’t have the same advanced technology that I have now. Wheenager, he didn’t have high quality video games, smart phones, or a computer at home. Also, when he was growing up, people in the 1970s didnother big difference between our childhoods is the type of music we both grew up listening to. My dad grew up listening to rock and roll, while I’m growing up listening to hip hop.
The second difference between my dad and me is that we are both currently focused on different things. I am focused on school, while he is focuking on my college major. Furthermore, I am studying to become an orthodontist, and not an architect. In the future we are both going to have different jobs. I also have a part time job at a pharmacy, which I go to in the afternoons. Both my dad and I have different daily routines.