3 steps over a break up Essay

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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about three easy steps to get over a breakup.
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Attention–Getting Opening:
Ending a relationship is never easy. But many times we are so caught up in the emotional pain, that we can't think straight, which causes us to make some bad choices. For those of you who are struggling with putting your head back on straight, I’m going to inform you three easy steps to get over breakup.
There are three steps to get over a breakup:
1. Recognize the loss
2. Out of sight out of mind
3. Love yourself
Transition: To begin with…

I. You must recognize the loss A. Internet 1. According to www.helpguide.org is important to get the tears out of your system, as soon as possible. You don't need those repressed feelings to erupt later. 2. Personal anecdote from my breakup experience
Transition: Now that I have explained the first step of how to get over a breakup, let´s explore the next step in this process.
II. Out of sight out of mind
A. Remove any old reminders of the relationship that you don’t need for day to day living.
1. No contact with your ex 2. Remove him from Facebook or other network.
a. Delete emails, txt, voicemails, etc.
Transition: To be sure you are preparing for the future…
III. Love yourself
1. According to Psychologist Dr. Greg Cason you should do the following:
a. Go out
b. Talk to friends
c. Be active
Transition: Now that we have learned the three easy steps to get over a breakup we are ready to move forward with our life.