The Benefits Of Marijuana

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Ciera Nunez
September 26, 2014
Susan Malmo
Why marijuana should be passed: When you initially consider the speculation about marijuana, you ultimately consider hippies, and potheads. You imaginably at no time stop to consider that there are others out there using marijuana for actual medical apprehensions. These people use marijuana as a natural remedy to soothe their pain, nausea feelings, and pressure of eye complications. So, if you really consider all the facts of marijuana is actually an exceptional herb for the medical side of society. You’ll learn how marijuana helps medically with cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s, and glaucoma patients with their everyday pains, and slower the process of the illnesses. Which is why it should be legalized to continue helping with those types of illnesses, sicknesses, and pains. Marijuana is used as a medical assistant. Our bodies contain a regulatory frame work called the endo-cannabinoid system. This system maintains the balance of the homeostasis in the body. So, when patients use marijuana it helps alleviate the symptoms of these conditions. Physicians recommend herbal therapy as well as a synthetic (THC) and cannabinoids. A way it’s used medically is with cancer patients, it helps them with the feeling of nausea that they receive from the chemotherapy. “The (THC) also helps cancer patients with allowing them go through treatments without a lot of extreme pain while their body is fighting the disease. Using marijuana medically can ease that pain, making the battle of the person suffering a little more comfortable.” (Allen, Tellis). Also many of the patients with both treatments of “chemotherapy and radiation can cause the sufferer’s a negative effects on the sense of both taste and smell. This can make the patient want absolutely nothing to do with food, yet in order to get better, cancer patients need to eat a nutritional diet. (THC), the main ingredient in marijuana, has been proven to not only increase a cancer patients appetite, but also their sense of smell and taste.” (Allen, Tellis). With that the (THC) can inhibit tumor growth, it also decreases tumor cells. It also inhibits epithelia growth factor that induce lung cancer cell migration. Also the (CBD) found in marijuana was proven to inhibit human breast cancer cells proliferation and invasion. It has been researched whether you “believe it or not, by the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) has actually found that the use of medicinal marijuana in both lung and brain cancer patients can significantly slow down the growth of tumors.” (Allen, Tellis). As you can tell cancer can cause so many pains, weaknesses, and much more to a human. It’s one illness that can come slowly and get you so quickly in the end. As for me I say with all of the test with marijuana its been shown to improve a cancer patients journey and minimized their amount of pain so, we should use marijuana for all it has to help these patients in anyway we can. Also doctors have proved that smoking marijuana will enlarge the airways, which is believed to ease the severity of asthma attacks. With that it is proven that the (THC) in marijuana has the ability to dilate respiratory passages and inhibits coughing as a factor that make it beneficial for some patients. “However, studies have proven that THC acts as a temporary (1-2 hours) bronchodilator, especially when ingested; this is common knowledge by now. The New England Journal of Medicine, published a 1973 study that stated, “Marijuana smoke, unlike cigarette smoke, causes broncho-dilation rather than broncho-constriction [narrowing of the air passages] and, unlike opiates, does not cause central respiratory depression.” (Matthew, Price). With the (THC) and (CBD) increasingly show the clout as a anti-flammatory it remains to be seen as if the long-term outcome can improve asthma over time. The can also help eliminate fear, anxiety that are common factors that go hand-in-hand with asthma…