Essay 506 Assignment 3

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Assignment 3: Media Advertising By Kim Luttman
Instructor Kevin Tullis
Marketing 506/ Assignment 2 Strayer University
August 17, 2014

The teenagers and young adults in our society today are equipped with much more technology information and experience than twenty years ago. The constant advancements in how we learn, perform, and acquire knowledge changes on a daily basis can be incorporated into the purchasing power of the younger generation and the parents or guardians of this targeted consumer group. Nothing spreads faster than a rumor, gossip or a new trend than a teenager or young adult with a cell phone or an internet connection. Marketing to the age group of 13+ years old can prove to be a profitable avenue with the endless possibilities. The teens and young adults of today will be the buying power of tomorrow. (The Teen Transition: Adolescents of Today, Adults of Tomorrow, 2013) The social media expansion of Facebook not only provides a place for teens/young adults to go to but the parents/guardians to seek out information as well. Facebook provides a source of enjoyment, expression, information and earning potential that can easily provide a large variety of target groups and markets. For the purpose of this paper targeting the younger generation with a must have product, a specially designed cell phone case. A cell phone case that the consumer designs, with assorted colors, shapes, materials with the right amount of bling to fit any budget.
Using Facebook as a spring board to connect to an already formed circle of friends to the website of the company “See Me Cell Phone Accessories” (fictitious company). Start with a new page show the public what the company offers, step by step instructions to acquire the cell phone cases and the direct link to the company website. Show created designs, ideas, colors and materials that can be used to create a unique case. Spark an interest, create a contest, get the consumers attention, and link them directly to the product.
Having the link posted to one’s Facebook page including the cell phone case you have designed; a picture speaks in any language, and provides a source of reference.
Facebook can jump start a new trend
Easy access to reach beyond just one person
Can add future product information to an already existing consumer circle
Form a referral or rewards program for discounts on future orders
The feedback, comments and questions create a direct link between consumers and future business alliances.
Using Facebook does create some risk factors for the consumer as well as the company due to public exposure just as it would for many other means of social media, communications and online shopping. (Widerlund, 2010)
Personal information can be compromised by hackers, identity thieves
By staying on top the security threats using an updated firewalls and security software can eliminate or reduce the possibilities of wrong doing.
The company may face unwanted bad exposure or disgruntled customer satisfaction with a bad review, or a dislike of product
Use the bad review to correct the issue publically, apologize turn it into a positive reaction, show that the company values the consumer
When dealing with a younger target group lack of parental authorization can be an issue
Keeping the warning of must