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The negative Psychological effects of Abortion on teenager.

Abortion is a method of interrupting pregnancy even on early on an advance period of gestation. This practice has been done since the early years, but at that time the knowledge on medicine wasn’t strong enough to know that abortion can have really negative effects on young women. . National data show that 20% of all abortions done on the U.S are performed on teens. The fact that abortion is a safe procedure it’s wrong, because this process has negative effects that can cause psychological damage on young women especially on teenagers. This damages can be related to drug and alcohol abuse, suicide attempts and replacement pregnancies.

The effect of an abortion on a teenager girl only report just one positive emotion “relief.” This emotion is reasonable du to the fact that the average of aborting teens report that they have felt with a lot of pressure from their parents or sexual partners to get rid of their early pregnancies. This temporary feeling is frequently follow by other negative reactions such as drug and alcohol abuse. The psycho-social cost of such abuse can increase the exposure to HIV/AIDS infections, congenital malformations and assaultive behavior. The abuse of alcohol and drugs on teens can have fatal consequences. This unreasonable decisions of start consuming alcohol and drug after an abortion can led teenager girl to loss interest on school and social activities. They can fall into such high depressive crisis which can lead them to think about committing suicide. Suicide attempt is another negative effect, 60% of women who had experience post abortion squeal report suicidal ideation, with 28% actually attempted to their lives. Researchers in Finland have identified a strong statistical association between abortion and suicide in a record base study. They found that the rate of suicide for all woman was 11.3 per 100,000 but the rate for women following abortion was 34.7 per 100,000, three times higher. (Postabortion women have a rate of 34.7. Interestingly enough, women who have given birth have a suicide rate of 5.9 per hundred thousand. Birth, then, seems to give some protection against suicide. Perhaps women who have children discover they’ve something to live for, or do not want to hurt the children that depend on them by committing suicide. In any case, giving birth seems to be a detriment to suicide – whereas abortion increases the suicide rate.). Replace pregnancies is another effect that abortion can cause on a