Essay on Abortion and Why It Is the Wrong Choice to Make

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Abortion and Why It Is the Wrong Choice to Make
The abortion dispute has being going on for decades the two different sides are very passionate about their opinion. Many people see the pro-choice option as correct since it gives the women a personal option to end the baby’s life under any circumstance. On the other side of the spectrum are the pro-life advocates; they believe the baby is the most important concern under any circumstance. Between both sides not many people have come to a compromise about abortion. For the three reasons abortion is murder, unborn babies should have the priority over a woman’s choice and lastly because it is immoral. Abortion is wrong and shouldn’t be legally excepted unless the child will harm the life of the mother.
Abortion is completely murder; there is a human in the woman’s body from the moment of origin. “Scientists identify the first moment of human life as the moment the sperm cell unites with an egg cell.” This proves the fact that killing the baby before it is developed is wrong. Many pro-choice supporters don’t believe the fetus is a human until the second trimmest and believe that any point before this the mother has the right to end the pregnancy. An adult, child and an unborn baby are all different stages of life. Killing an unborn baby is just as wrong as killing one of them. Abortion is murder and our law should not allow such an unjust action.
An unborn baby has no say on its life, but is it fair that a mother gets to make a choice to kill their child’s life because they don’t think it will fit into their life. Women should make her child the priority. Therefore, no man or women should have