Essay about Abortion Experiences

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Daniel Caya
Block 3
Journal #4

This week we discussed the topic of abortion again. You brought up a story that you had read online about a woman with a very interesting abortion story. She was forced to have an abortion because of a medical condition she had. It was her or the baby. Instead of aborting the baby she gave birth and killed herself in the process.

At first glance this is a story of valor and selflessness, but when does being selfless turn into suicide? If it is never right to kill yourself, why then, when you are quote on quote “sacrificing yourself” does no one see it as against God’s will.

My aunt when she was 32 was faced with the same decision as the woman from the story. She woke up one night in extreme pain so she went to the doctor and the doctor told her she was pregnant. It didn’t make sense to her because she had had two kids before and it had never hurt like this. When the doctor told her that the baby had been developing in her fallopian tubes she was mortified.

She went home and thought about it and she came to the conclusion that even though it would be hard to let go of the new life that was in her she also had an obligation to the people around her, her husband, her children, and her parents. If you give up than you are ruining the lives of others for selfish reasons.

Bad and good actions can both have a double effect, you see. If you mean well by sacrificing yourself for someone else you also need to know that…