Abortions Essay

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Attitudinal Issues Regarding Abortion In the past decades, abortion termination has turn into a rising intention for censure as well as acceptance in the changing of the world’s thoughts about abortions. There have been more than enough debates and opinions about abortions being considered as life or death. A huge argument regarding abortion concludes of the question; should abortion be equally considered of murder? Nevertheless, abortion is a sensitive topic and always will be especially to women. Women that have experienced debates over abortion she be able to feel comfortable in life in the way that they are desired. The humanity in society has always made judgments about women who would like to have an abortion or women who have aborted already. Overall, when women become pregnant without notice, they face difficult and complicated situations, often involving emotions and finances. On another note, many Americans are against abortion because of their religion views. There are several religions that are against abortions such as Catholics, Christians and Muslims. These religions believe that children are blessings to life and a child should be; loved and cared for. www.spuc.org.uk/youth/student_info (SPUC 2013) To conclude, my thoughts about abortion are more on the sensitive because I have experienced terminating a pregnancy in the earlier time of my life and this is why I had chosen this topic to write about. The abortion was a regretful experience to me, I was 23 years old and I had a child already and that’s what directed me towards termination of the pregnancy.

Attitudinal Issues Regarding Abortion

The abortion that I had was totally against my religion, which is Christianity and that made me feel really remorseful about the whole