Abortion: Pregnancy and Baby Essay

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Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies end in abortion. The cause of abortion is

the un-intendment of having a baby, as well as not having the ability to support it or just

not wanting a baby in general. Many people who have sex do not think of personal

consequences for themselves, and how it may affect the spouses’ lives; until they are

faced with the trials of a baby and its expenses. Abortion is just a nice way of saying that

a person has killed a baby. As well as it being a young age as to when the baby is killed,

it is “technically not a baby”.

Abortion is different in everyone’s eyes, some believe that it is killing and others

believe that it is not killing a person. When it relates to abortion, it is a sensitive topic

amongst all people. Religious people believe that abortion is not okay and believe that the

woman that contains the baby is killing it whether it is fetal or not. Others believe that it

is not really a living person. Studies show that it is a living person because it has a

heartbeat; another study shows that if it were legal to have an abortion until the baby is

able to support himself, it would be after the toddler age after the birth. It would be just

the same as if they were in the womb. Therefore it means just the same thing if the child

was in the womb.

Generally people don’t think of the consequences and responsibilities that

leads up to the end result of a baby. It later leads to pregnancies and eventually abortion

on account of not knowing what to do with the baby and are not being ready for a baby,

22 % of all pregnancies are not planned (guttmacher.org); in 2008 there was

approximately 1.2 million abortions in the U.S. (abort73.com).

A child being unwanted by his birth mother does not mean that he is unwanted by

the world. There are many people who want a child that cannot physically have one, on

account of possible medical illness “9 out of 10 adoptive couples said that their

relationship they share with their…