Abortion: Pregnancy and Baby Essays

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The sample argument that I decided to write about is based on emotion. The topic I am about to discuss is a very touchy subject. Different people have different views on the topic. I go a different route than most. I feel very strongly about this subject, but I also understand that people have their own opinion about it. I am not going to judge others if their viewpoint is not the same as mine. Although I will not judge, I will argue my point until my voice is heard. If people do not like my point, feel free to post your reply saying why you are disagreeing with me and why. Many will or already have discussed this issue multiple times, so I know it is an old topic, but like I said; it is an argument I feel strongly about, and I will probably argue it again before the semester ends. My argument is over abortion.

I personally believe that abortion should be illegal. I have believed this my whole life, and my feeling will never change. A lot of people say it is because of my religious background, and maybe they are partly right, but not fully. I have many of reasons to why I think abortion is wrong. Yes, some of those points are religious, but some of them are not.
One of the most commonly used reason for a woman to have an abortion is that she was not ready yet, and did not want to have a baby in that point of her life, so she simply chose to “eliminate the problem.” To start, I strongly disagree with this statement. A baby should never be referred as a problem; it is unplanned blessing. If the woman who got pregnant did not want a baby so badly, she should not have had sex. It is as simple as that. People know that condoms, the pill, any form of birth control are not 100 percent affective. The only true way to be sure that someone will not get pregnant is absents from sex. If people are old enough to be having sex, then they are old enough to be having a baby.
A major area of debate about abortion is whether or not the fetus is a human. According to Luke 1:44, “For indeed, as soon as the voice of your greeting sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy,” a baby can feel joy and leap? Yet, people still say it is not a baby. A human being begins life at conception. A human being is formed from two single cells fusing together in a female. The cells divide and differentiate forming tissue and organs. After only 18 days of growth, a heartbeat can be heard. After 21 days, the eyes, spine, and digestive system are visible. After 40 days, brain waves can be detected. At eight weeks, the toes and fingers are formed. At just 18 weeks, the baby can move on his or her…