Causes Of Genocide In Darfur

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for Sudan
By: Gabriel
Leveen, Seth Talley, Paola
The problems in Sudan occur in Darfur with the
genocides, the tensions in South Sudan, and the three areas.

Responsible party – Sudan government and militias

Problems in Sudan
Genocides in Darfur

• The genocide’s in Darfur are continuously striving. They have started

in 2003 and still continue today. As the first genocide in the 21 st century. They are being carried out by a militia group called the
Janjaweed; Which loosely translates to “devils on horseback.”
• In February 2003, two rebel groups, the Sudan Liberation Movement, or SLA, and the Justice and Equality Movement, or JEM, launched a full scale rebellion against the Sudanese government. The rebellion was prompted by ongoing economic marginalization and insecurity. Those involved in the rebellion were predominantly from Muslim sedentary tribes of the region, including the Fur and the Zaghawa.
The Sudanese government responded by enlisting the help of some of the nomadic tribes in Darfur.The government promised these tribes land in exchange for their military allegiance, subsequently turning the conflict into genocide by “Arabizing” the issues.

 The United States can help urge them to the negotiating table, but that will be much more likely to succeed with the appointment of a full-time senior-level envoy.

Responsible party - Sudan government Problems In Sudan
in South
• The 21-year civil war between north and south Sudan officially ended in 2005 but tensions remain between and South Sudan, which seceded in July 2011.
 Despite a lengthy peace process, negotiations have so far failed to resolve some key issues.

• South Sudan are heavily dependent on oil revenues, and the

division of oil wealth is still under discussion. Three-quarters of oil is in South Sudan, but all the infrastructure to export it (pipelines, refineries and Red Sea port) is in the north. This adds to the tension of the split country.
 they agreed in March 2013 to resume oil flows, but in June Sudan said it would stop South Sudan’s crude exports unless Juba gave up support for insurgents operating across their border. Sudan and South Sudan regularly trade accusations of supporting insurgencies on each other's territory. Both sides deny supporting rebel groups.

• The demarcation of the 2,000 kilometer north-south border is

another contentious issue.
 This makes the countries getting along a lot harder due to the growing tensions between them and all the problems that already occur
 The Problems that occur here are just as bad as the genocides because neither agree to resolve their key issues, and they constantly make the tensions worse.

Responsible party –
Southern Sudan
Government and
Sudan government

Problems In Sudan
The Three Areas

Oil-rich Abyei, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states lie along the border between Sudan and
South Sudan, and are home to many people who fought alongside southern rebels during the civil war. Major clashes in all three states between pro-Khartoum and pro-Juba forces have led hundreds of thousands to flee their homes. Abyei is claimed by both countries, while South Kordofan and Blue Nile lie in Sudan.

 A referendum over whether it will join the north or the south was…