Activity and Impact Training Essay

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A. Training for Activity
1. The HRD dept. is held accountable for its activity, not for its results
· There is no formal output of results so managers are left to decide weather it is beneficial or not.
2. The HRD staff is held accountable for design and delivery of training programs.
· In training for activity, trainers are held accountable for the number of programs they deliver or design.
· 80% of their time is activity so there's little time left to do needs assessment or research.
· Organizations that operate with the training for activity approach are looked at being non-productive or not working if not present in the classroom.

3. Skill Transfer from the classroom to
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Most important, in this meeting the HRD professional begins to raise the client manager's awareness that training by itself will not meet a business need. It is the partnership of training with management that will provide the desired results.

Step 4: Conduct a Performance Effectiveness Assessment.

Once you and your client have determined which business need is driving the request for training, it becomes important to complete some assessments. These occur at the front end of training. In a performance effectiveness assessment, the HRD professional determines what should be happening, what is happening, and what gap exists between what should be and what is. The information must be collected from a various sources and is sometimes collected through interviews or questionnaires, sometimes through review of documents and observation of employees.

Step 5: Conduct a Case Analysis.

Once a gap in performance has been identified, it is important to determine the causes of such gaps.

Step 6 and 7: Tabulate, Interpret, and Report Results to the Client.

Information should be provided for joint interpretation, and actions should be jointly identified.

Step 8: Design the Reaction and Learning Evaluation Systems.

There are two ways to evaluate the actual learning experience: by obtaining information from