Addiction and High School Essay

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I am currently in an outpatient substance abuse program. My name is Lucy. I am a high school student, I do not want others people at my high school to know I am in an outpatient program. I do not want to be judged for my past, but for who I am today. This is my story, I started using Norco’s when I was 14 yrs. old, and I took them from my grandma’s medicine cabinet. I became addicted rather fast. I started taking more and more, before long my grades at school started suffering. I started falling asleep in class when I was not ditching. The school counselor called my mother and made an appointment to see her. My mom and I had a long talk and that is how I ended up in an outpatient program in Hemet. My mom and I moved to Riverside County from Crescent City a small town in northern California so I could have a fresh start where no one knew I had a drug problem. I currently go to Hemet High school. I am a client in an outpatient facility in Hemet California. I have been a client for 6 months. My counselors name is unimportant what she did is what’s important she acted in an unprofessional manner not only that she crossed the line what she did was unethical. My life was going good I had made many new friends at the new high school I also was dating a really nice guy his name was Randy. I was doing so good I had 180 days clean. The fog had been lifted from my eyes and I felt great for once everything in my life was going great. That’s when everything in my life came crashing down on me. Randy and I had been dating for about four months. We did our homework together a few times a week and I would stay and have dinner with his mom and little brother. Randy also had an older sister that he did not like to talk about. What he did tell me was he had an older sister name Paula who left home at sixteen. She had run away from home with some guy and started using Heroine. Randy had been close to his sister she was like a second mom to him. She took care of him seeing how his own mother was a single parent and worked full time. Randy’s mother had never forgave his sister for running away she needed her to help with the boys. Randy told me that Paula and he had been meeting secretly for dinner once a month. He loved his sister they had been close before she left home. He wanted his mom to allow her to visit , but his mom was adamant about not letting his sister back in their life., so Randy start meeting her for dinner once a month behind his moms back. Lucy had been at Randy several times and had never seen one picture of Paula nor had his mom ever mention her. Lucy wanted to tell Randy about her own drug addiction, but felt the time was not right. Paula had ran away from home at sixteen with a boy, but soon after leaving home she was arrested for heroin she was eighteen and ended up going to prison. While in prison she began going to NA meeting and decided she wanted to help other addicts. After her release from prison she went to college to be a drug counselor. Like I said my life was going great I felt good about it I was getting good grades; in fact, my mother was talking me out to celebrate I had received my report card and had 5a’s 1b so she was taking me to dinner. Randy had told us about a great place to eat a steak house, so we decided to go there. When we arrived the waitress showed us to our seats the place had dim lighting and screens between the booths so you could not see the other customers; although you could hear them. We had just been seated when we heard Randy’s familiar voice. We were just getting ready to say hello when what we heard next froze me in my seat. Randy was telling some lady about the girl he was dating when she asked him to repeat my name what came next knocked the breath right out of me. She started getting upset telling Randy I was a drug addict and things I had only told my counselor that my mom did not even know. I could not believe my ears I was shocked my counselor was Randy’s long lost