Advanced Leaders Experience Essay

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Based on my past experiences with my fellow 09Ls, at the beginning of the Advanced Leaders Course, I was uneager to be in this class environment. The course fell in the same month as the Non Commission Officer week and the academy was holding their scheduled German Armed Forces and Iron NCO events. In the beginning, I was not interested in any of that, I did not push myself to excel during my Army Physical Fitness Test either. However, when the instructor asked “what is your goal out of this course”? “Just to graduate” I answered, as I knew I was going to spend my time at the academy protecting myself from my 09L peers. Even though that was an honest response from me, it was not the right attitude to have, I was being prejudiced based on various …show more content…
Daily. Although, I was the only one in the book club who read the wrong book (Leaders Eat Last) I’m glad I was a part of it. Reading the book was a reminder of why I became a Sergeant in the first place. I wanted to be the change in my Unit for the good of the Soldiers and my peers. Prior to the Advanced Leaders Course I knew little to nothing about having other Non-Commission Officers in my grade be supportive of me and cheering for my success. Being included with other MOSs in one place was delightful as I was able to experience their enthusiasm for my success during the brutal 100m swim for GAPFB and also the obstacle course. This support didn’t only from my fellow Sergeants and Staff Sergeants, but also from Small Group Leaders, it was gratifying to see the power of support. As long as I stay in the same MOS I know I will face similar situations and battle with internal conflicts, especially when I come back to Fort Huachuca for the Senior Leaders Course as long as I’m in the same specialty. If I had only known this before I would have pushed myself no matter what because there is always someone watching and those who matter see the efforts you put forth and will acknowledge the end result. Fort Huachuca was an experience I hope I live through