Advances in Technology Essay

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Advances in Technology

This world goes through a lot of changes as time goes on. Changes in technology can make a brighter future for individuals. Because of advances in technology, this world is becoming more efficient and saving us money in the long-run with fuel, electricity, communication, etc. The social lifestyle of an individual involves technology in some way. Technology has become a necessity in these modern days and it is going to become more advanced as time goes on. With these advances in technology, the social lifestyles of individuals can be simpler. A social lifestyle of any individual can
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Internets, GPS, personal applications, etc. are a few that change the way we live. Some are using the internet for communication to meet others like Facebook, MySpace, and even online dating websites to find a perfect match.

The iPhone was released June 29, 2007. It was a big breakthrough in advanced technology taking communication to a next level. Technology takes a big part into the medical field. The research and development costs money to save lives for the next medical breakthrough. These advances help our doctors do surgeries with more precision than humanly possible. Medical robots are used for surgeries to help surgeons. Without these robots, it would be more difficult to perform these procedures. According to, “The design of a robotic test, of an anatomic model that behaves in the same way as a person’s arm, enables repetitive, systematic methodology to be applied to quantify the independent measurements of external factors. With tests like these, surgeons can learn how to improve surgical procedures. In this case, the aim is to identify the most suitable stitching method”, explained the researcher Alícia Casals, who is the leader of the IBEC’s robotics research group.” The advances in medical technology will allow us to live longer lives. The advantages of the medical technology can save lives, but the disadvantage is it can be expensive. The research and development and the cost to the doctor and patient to use,