Advantages Of Having A Job In College

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Although my tuition is paid for in full, I still have a job as a college student. I feel as if you should let your situation determine if you should have a job or not. I have a job because on weekends I have spare time, in which I can earn some money to support my personal needs. The most important thing is to consider your situation. If you really need a job to survive, then it is a good idea. I believe that there is advantages to working and going to school at the same time. There are three advantages of working while being a student in college. The first advantage is that you will earn some extra money to help cover college expenses. The second advantage is that having a job will make help strengthen your time- management skills. Last, a college job can help you educationally depending on your major. The first benefit of having a job in college is that, you will earn some money. You can use your earnings to buy things you want, save for the future, pay any expenses you have and help pay your tuition. The more you earn the less money you might have to take out in student loans. For example, during my Uncle’s first few years of being a college student, he had to cover a huge portion of his tuition costs through borrowing a hefty sum of money while my parents helped cover the rest. Once he started working part-time jobs, he was able to fully fund his education out of his own pocket instead of being required to borrow an additional amount of money. Also, no matter if you go to a community college or university you will always have side fees like books that you will need. Books are not cheap and some scholarships or grants do not cover book fees. Having a part- time job might give you the extra cash you need to buy your books. The second reason is a part- time job can teach you time management. One of the most important skills for a student to develop is time management. Knowing when it is necessary to start a project or get to work is a crucially important part of university and professional life. A college job can help you learn time management skills not only by forcing you to adhere to a schedule, but also by forcing you to make better use of your now-limited free time. I know from experience that a job can help you with this skill. Just