Advantages: Property and Sister Essay

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The monster
I had taken advantage of friends who I trust as they on me in many ways. You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. My family had owned a computer business for over two years ago. It was interesting how many of our friends immediately assume that I’ll not only give them a great deal, but we can give out my friends services for free. I should call them “The Monsters by Deems Taylor” their tried to get some benefits in our business.
First at all my sister was the owner; we studied one year together at the same school, after her graduation she took the control at the business and many of my and her friends started to visit us frequently; I did not understand the reason at the beginning because I was not really involved in the business during the time when she took the control. However the only thing that they wanted, was to see my sister and talk for a while and then ask for a favor, as well they knew that she will says I am your friend, I have no issue with helping others if it is based upon work involved is only a few hours maximum. In fact it was a bad idea to said it, because our friends take her words seriously, they started to take advantage of that every time that they needed, they commonly called asking all sorts of computer questions, my sister was tired after a long day working and answering the phone at the last moment it was exhausting, but they do not care most of the time, this action became in a habit for them, so I decided to get some advantages of the situation, I told them my sister will help you if you can help us attending the copy machine and