Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement

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Fascinating, exciting and interesting – these are the words that pop up in my mind when I notice an aircraft or a flying object. The evolution and technology behind them stirred and sustained my learning process until now. At the time of admission as an undergraduate in Aeronautical Engineering I had a little idea about the path I was heading for. With each course and each lab my appetite to specialize in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics piqued up which further led me to apply for graduate studies in the field of Aerospace Engineering.
I always had a love affair with the tool kit. It was an annual science fair conducted at my school where I presented a working model of an electric telegraph built from scratch and was awarded second.
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During under graduation I came across a wide range of courses related aeronautics but it is the control systems and structures I was attracted to. After completion of my first semester I was selected to participate in a competition about remote controlled aircrafts held by Indian Institute of Space Technology, Kerala. Being a remote controlled toys maniac I took up the challenge of designing, building and flying an remotely controlled aircraft. With the use of CAD, a designing software, I generated a design of aerofoil which was later built into the wing. There was an imbalance in the structure of the built aircraft because of the installation of servos, propellers, transmitter, battery, engine/motors and controlled rods, I overcame this challenge by identifying the correct center of gravity position and was successfully able to fly the aircraft. The interaction between the transmitter and receiver intrigued me and to understand the basics of the control systems I decided to take up an internship offered by technophilia which is affiliated to Carnegie Mellon University. During this training period I gained knowledge about controlling mechanisms of obstacle avoider bot, line follower bot, touch screen controlled robots, mobile controlled robots, swarm object follower robot and TV remote operated robot. Apart from …show more content…
Alongside, I worked as an intern at Bharat Dynamics Limited and gained an immense knowledge in the field of missile design, structure and. Under the guidance of Mr A. Venkateshwarulu I completed a thesis on Design System of Anti-Tank Guided Missile and Range Study. This internship gave me an insight about the control systems of a missile. The important aspect of the study was the loop which gives the possibilities for the operator to change the path of the missile in order to hit the target and the Imaging Infra Red head which can reach the target without human interception.
As a part of academics I completed a project on Modeling and Analysis of Nose Landing Gear. I was in charge of designing and analyzing the stress on the components of a landing gear. I utilized CATIA for designing the components and the stress analysis was done using ANSYS. The static analysis test depicted the total deformation and the areas effected due to the stress and strain loads applied. At the end of the thesis I was thorough with the components and configuration of the landing gear, loads and landing