Self Consciousness In Psychology

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Research Paper 4 In 1979 there was a study done on Self-consciousness this study was known as the Halloween (trick or treat). This study was made to investigate the effects self consciousness on the behavior of young children. In this study the children that were selected were told to take only one Halloween candy. The people who follow this strategy during Halloween usually find that the candy is all gone by the first group of kids that come to the door. One of the psychologists named Beaman found that this was usually the case with one exception. He found that if he placed a mirror to where the kids could see themselves taking the candy the kids were less likely to take more than one piece of candy. This study proved that seeing one’s self in the mirror while doing something bad proves that seeing yourself in the mirror is the prime of self consciousness and will result in more ethical behavior. After this study was preformed Beaman found that certain things that we see can affect the way we perform certain tasks like taking more than one piece of candy. For the longest time this is the way people viewed someone when they saw something and it affected them. Until 2006 when another study was performed by a psychologist named Bateson. Bateson’s findings said that ethical behavior doesn’t not matter if you see yourself in the mirror. Bateson came to this conclusion that is doesn’t matter you can show them that they are being watched and it doesn’t mean that