Alexander The Great Dbq

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During the 4th century BCE, Following the death of Macedonian king Philip II, Alexander, his son, took power over Macedonia. Alexander continued on unifying all of Greece as one country and his expansion led him to conquer much of Asia Minor and more. Alexander The Great was able to create a massive empire. His legacy is still present today. These achievements were no mistake and were a testament to Alexander’s many abilities. Due to his remarkable military genius and his respect and tolerance for others, Alexander was able to conquer all of Persia and have a huge empire, spanning from Macedonia all the way to India. His rule left a huge and significant impact upon the world.

Alexander the Great was able to conquer vast amounts of land due
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By conquering all of Asia Minor and other lands such as India and all of Persia. Alexander was able to accomplish many things that no ordinary person could. He left behind a cultural and geographic footprint that was still felt for many years following his death. According to Document E, Alexander conquered 2,000,000 square miles of land and founded 70 cities in only 11 years. A huge accomplishment for a 32 year old. The cultural significance of his empire was even further felt after his death. Alexander the Great was still prominent in literature, art and theater, nearly 900 years after his death. an extraordinary amount. When Alexander conquered Jordan, Greek remained the official language for a thousand years. Even further showing his impact. According to Document F “Sikaner e Aazem came to India. The Two Horned one whom you British people call Alexander The Great. He conquered the world, and was a very great man, brave and dauntless and generous to his followers…Still some of our [Kalish] words are the same a theirs, our music and our dances too; we worship the same gods. This is why we believe the Greeks are our first ancestors” According to this document, Alexander left a mark upon worldwide society, even engraving his name and his Greek culture upon the Indians. Many Indians believe that the Greeks are the ancestors of India, as said in the document. This document truly highlights how much Alexander was able to accomplish throughout his life. Not only conquering much of Asia Minor and India, but planting the seeds for generations to come. The music, the dances and the same gods are worshipped in India as well as in Greece. Even many Indian words are similar to Greek words. This shows that Alexander had a lasting effect upon the world and truly changed many cultures and languages through his conquest of India. His legacy and significant strides left a mark upon the world and truly shows how special