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All My Sons

One of the themes of the play is “lying hurts everyone” based on what I’ve seen from the movie most of it was built upon a lie. Not just a little lie, but a lie that changes everything for everyone. Based from what I’ve seen it lead to a man being wrongfully imprisoned, a family being torn asunder, and a man’s greed. Through various conversations in the story the lie starts to unravel from a mother finding out that a son in which she thought to be missing that he was dead, to a son finding his father willing sent out faulty equipment knowing that it would be possible that the equipment would be used….killing a lot of people. The worst way to the lie affected everyone was that one of the main families son’s went to war and read a paper saying what had happened and he commits suicide because he really couldn’t believe that his father would do such a thing. This action literally tears the family apart from the mother whom clinged onto the façade of her son still living, to the father for a lack of better words “blowing his brains out” after discovering this for himself. The younger son also felt the affect from his brother’s suicide. This in my opinion was all based upon a lie to feed the greed of the father. What’s worse is he claims that he “did if for his family”.
It’s my opinion that no matter the reason the lives of your family are just as valuable as everyone else. They’re just people and no life is more important that another’s. He felt otherwise and the