American Dream Essay

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American Dream

Many persons will give everything to come and reside in the United States. There are some persons that pay a high amount of money to travel with someone who is going to make them cross the border (Immigrants). These people who travel with this person have to go through many things to accomplish this dream. But they really live the American Dream that they expected? The law is getting stricter to Immigrants getting to a point where the Immigrants can’t live their American Dream. United States a country with opportunity’s for many Immigrants; opportunities that in their country’s do not have, but without a legal status many of them can’t have that opportunity. Opportunities like studying, getting a job, having medi-care, and social services. In the scenario of studying we can argument that many Immigrants come here to get a degree to be productive in the society, but they cannot be productive due to the fact that they are not legal in the country as a result they do not get the title of the degree. Getting a job for immigrants is more difficult today due to the fact that the employers cannot hire anyone who does not have a legal status in the country because they get penalize and even go to jail. These are some of the reasons why the persons are not living the American dream as they expected. On the other hand we have the Immigrants who have a legal status on the country, these group can have all the privileges of American citizens, but it all depends on the depends on the legal status that they are for example as a permanent resident you cannot be outside the country for more than six months, others cannot leave the country because they