american dream Essay

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DreQuana Spencer
Mrs. McNair
SOC 110/2001
11 November 2013
The American Dream What do you think the American Dream is? It can be many things. There are many different examples that are given in society to portray it. I believe it is something you work for to achieve in you life. Do we all share the same dream, someone would ask? No, because everybody has their own dreams they have set to make them become and have everything they want and desire. In the small clip "Somewhere Green" symbolizes a great example of the American Dream. she talks about how she pictures her life in the future. She dreams of a big family, big house with a nice size yard that is full of green land. She also speaks on being a great mother and wife. In today's society there are alot of people who want to live the American Dream, but do not want to work hard, they want it to be given. As of in most rappers today claim they are living the American Dream, but are really selling something to receive money and the fame. Then back in the day they believe in working hard to get what they want and they try to get even more. Another great example would be the Jackson Five. They all had a dream to become the best at what they do and they were not going to stop until they have gotten to top. As they kept on pushing they finally acheived what they were wanting to achieve their whole lifes. When they finally got to the top they became the real definition of the American Dream. My American Dream is very much a dream, but I hope to accomplish all of them and more. In my American Dream I want to be able to finish college so that I can get all the degrees I can. Then become a criminal justice specialist or a probabtion officer. I also want to have a loving family with a nice big house. I