American dream Essay

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I believe the America Dream can be defined as the belief that you can achieve all your goals through hard work. This dream is usually sought after by people who have been deprived of things such as the freedom to do what they want or the ability to have what they want. I believe that the American dream can still be achieved by people to this very day, even though I think it is a lot harder to accomplish the dreams they have now. I mean there are a lot more things to overcome and a lot more people that want to accomplish the same dreams. In this essay I will try to give my definition of the American dream.
First of all I believe that one of the most important pieces to the American dream is family. The reason why I consider family as an important piece to the American dream is because family will always be there for you, even during your times of need. “Mama tells Benetha to support her brother even at their lowest points in their lives not just when they are doing well in life”(look up in book). This means that mama wants Benetha to support her brother during his time of need. I think this is important to the American dream because you need people to be there for you when you need help and people to support you. Another reason why I believe that family is important to the American dream is that you will always learn from them. They will teach you right from wrong because all in all they are family and they want the best for you. They want you to accomplish your goals.