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There are many different perceptions of what people think the “American Dream” is defined as. The dictionary definition of the American dream is “The traditional social ideals of the United States, such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity.” I think that definition is a perfect example of The American Dream, and it really does describe what it is best. During class we have discussed a lot about the American Dream and read articles about it as well. Based on everything I have heard about the American Dream I learned that the American Dream keeps on changing, it never remains the same. Therefore I believe that the best definition of the American Dream comes straight out of the dictionary. It is based on the equality of the people in whatever era you are speaking about, it also depends on democracy and of course, the materialistic beliefs of the people in that time period. I think this way because the idea of the American Dream has changed and will continue to change over the decades based on the peoples’ mindsets of that time. In the short book, Of Mice and Men, the author, Steinbeck, argues that the American Dream is not attainable for most people. In this day in age I 100 percent agree with his argument. I agree because our economy isn’t doing well and many people have lost their jobs. The American Dream today is all about having everything when it comes out, and having the best of the best. Everybody is in a competition today to have all the cool new gadgets and the “right” clothes. Of course, there are the people who can afford everything and give their children everything they want without them having to lift a finger. That bothers me though because there is so much more to life than having all of the things that make you feel better than everyone else and “cool”. Along with that being said there are so many adults who have low paying jobs and have to come home and can barely afford to feed the mouths that need to be fed, and to supply themselves and their children with the clothes that they want and to pay all of the harsh bills that come in the mail. The idea of the American Dream in this current area is almost impossible for most of our people to maintain. It’s almost like a pigment of our imaginations. I do believe that there are some Americans that are able to attain this dream. The Americans who have great jobs and can obtain them can attain the American Dream. They get paid good money and can