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It was a new beginning for a religious group, called Puritans, who left Great Britain for religious reasons. They were persecuted, and because of that they chose to leave their own country, going to the new land, in a risky expedition aboard they Mayflower. These men, including their families were called they Pilgrims. All they wanted was freedom, to trust in God, believe that they could worship as they pleased, have this liberty, and therefore, they would pursuit happiness for their lives. On November 21, 1620, they Mayflower dropped anchor in Massachusetts, it was winter, and the Puritans didn’t know how to survive where there was only bush and wilderness. If wasn’t the Native Americans, they would’ve died of starvation and of cold. But with help they survived and learned how to take care of themselves, how to plant, hunt, build and live in a new country, even though it was difficult and different, there was the land of the opportunity for the Pilgrims. Those men and women worked so hard for their liberty and to have the chance to do what they thought to be correct, that they started to fight their liberty against the liberty of others. We do have our ‘thanksgiving’, because we thank God for they opportunity of life, freedom, and also because there is people that God send to helps as needed, as He did to the Pilgrims. But their is also the “witches of Salem”, they were accused by they religious leaders of witchcraft. Cotton Mather, a Minister of Boston’s North church said that the evil spirit in the life of the witches was affecting the life of their children. Diseases in the community were attribute to the presence of Satan, through the life of the women that didn’t fallow the church, but had a different understanding of religion from the Puritans point of view, therefore the women of Salem were called witches. This women had there trial, and had death sentence because of the religious subordination given by the colony. The Pilgrims that 70 years before were escaping from persecution, were now persecuting, because some women didn’t believe in God in the same way that the religious leaders at that time, said that it was suppose to be, and many of this women didn’t change their minds on trial, because they believed on what they though it was right. There is the understanding that the human nature needs liberty, but for someone to be free, its not right o undertake the freedom of another person. That happen with the people in the Colonies, they wanted to be free, they didn’t want to be persecuted anymore, neither they wanted Great Britain to be ruling over them. But at same time, they were freighting because they didn’t want to suffer any more, they were working to hard for their liberty. Because of that

people may sometimes fight for liberty without understanding that they are taking away they liberty of others. Even though the “new” American people had made bad decisions, they were still fighting for their freedom, because they were colonies from the government of Great Britain. In that time they new what was to be ‘slaves’ of the will of others, they new what it was to pursuit freedom, but at same time be captive of what the dominant power wanted from them. So the only option, was to claim what it was there possession, there own land, which they builded and worked for it. It was the beginning of the Revolutionary War. The legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain occurred on July second, 1776. But the date that the Americans will never forget is the fourth of July, they became free and the words