American Dream Essay

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The American Dream

The American Dream is different for everyone. People’s dreams are built upon what makes them happy, such as living in a big city or the great outdoors. People’s dreams can change as they become wealthier. They may also have more options to choose from as their opportunities grow. Dreams can grow from renting an apartment to owning land or a home. People everywhere have their own American Dream that defines them and changes with them. Opportunities influence a person’s dreams. Opportunities begin with how someone is raised. Parents can teach their children how to seek out new and better opportunities. Without a job or a chance to move up in the world it can be very hard to reach a dream. When someone gets a better job or education they can strive for an even better life than they had dreamed.
A person’s social and economic level can get in the way of their dream. If they start poor, they might have to work much harder to reach their dream than someone who was raised rich and lived an easy life style. Some people who are poor will have it harder because when they were raised they weren’t taught to save money and can fall into a cycle that is hard to break. The wealthy can also fall into a similar cycle where the future generation are given everything from a young age and never learn to work. When they are on their own they don’t think about saving and they spend and spend until they have nothing left.
A great many dreams are possible even though there may be obstacles, such as a lack of education and training, which is necessary to achieve dreams. Most people who work as hard as they